ATS Appalachian Tennis Series


March 8, 2018 update… Download

Adult and Junior age groups will use the end of season to determine age groups categories’. You will play in the age group that matches up with what your age will be as of September 30, 2018. You can select an age group older than your age, but that will be locked in for the 2018 season.

Juniors:  unless you specify otherwise, we will assume you are only going to accumulate points in the junior events.  if you wish to also score points in the adult events, you must indicate it on your application form. (Remember, you can only earn points in a maximum of three divisions, junior and/or adult).

Any points you accumulate during the season in Adult divisions will be credited to the level you select on the ATS application. However, if you have to “play up” at a tournament because your selected level did not have sufficient entries, any points earned may be credited to your selected level.  So, if you register as a B player but play an “A” division because of a lack of B entries, any points earned in the A event will be credited to your B level totals. Also, if an A player and a B player (or a B player and a C player) enter a doubles division; they must play in the higher rated division. However, any points earned may be counted by the lower ranked player in whichever division he/she chooses.

(NOTE): players cannot "play down,”
 ( i.e., a   B player cannot play C, an A player cannot play B).

The ATS Point System…. The winner of an event earns 10 points.  The runner-up of an event earns 7 points.  The two semi-finalists who did not advance to the finals earn 5 points each.  The four quarterfinalists who did not advance to the semi-finals earn 3 points each. All other entrants in an event earn one (1) point.  Points are increased if you play in the double point’s tournament or play outside of your selected geographic division.

To be eligible to earn a season-ending trophy in any division at the end of the season, you must have played in a minimum of fifty percent (50%) of the tournaments played during the season. (If an odd number of tournaments are played, i.e., 7 for example, half would be 3.5 and the minimum would be rounded up; so, the number of tournaments you would need to play would be 4). Also, you must be an ATS member at the time a tournament is played in order for points scored in that tournament to count toward THE SEASON-long total. You may join anytime during the season, but only after you join will any ATS points earned be counted.

Northern/Southern divisions: there are four tournaments in each geographic division. The idea is to encourage members to travel away from their geographic areas and play tournaments that are farther away.  So, for any tournament you play which is outside of your Division, you will receive two (2) extra points added to any other points you earn in that tournament.