ATS Appalachian Tennis Series

The 2018 Annual Appalachian Tennis Series
Awards Banquet / Luncheon Photo Gallery

This year’s 2018 event was hosted by
 Ashland ATS Tournament Director Jerry Groce
 and took place at the Ashland Tennis Center.

 Saturday, October 27,  at 3:00 p.m.

ATS winner participants
 received award plaques for their wins
 and accomplishments.

Congratulations to all the recipients.

…Jim Vanover - President

Again, any questions or suggestions:
Please contact me:
Jim Vanover: ATS President

606-437-4003 - Work
606-794-4161 - Cell

The 2018 ATS Award Recipients

Mens C Singles: 

1st Place—Ned Pillersdorf

2nd Place—Kaleb Sergent

2nd Place—Jordan Justice

Mens 40+ Singles:

1st Place—Freddie Napier

Mens 50+ Singles

1st Place-Ralph Hood

2nd Place—Tate Adams

Womens B Singles:

1st Place—Maria Hayes

2nd Place—Ashton Jones

Womens C Singles:

1st Place—Elizabeth Davis

Boys 12U Singles:

1st Place—Jaxson Napier

Girls 16U Singles:

1st Place—Elizabeth Davis

Men’s A Doubles

1) Mots Bishnoi

2) Jeff Porter

3) John Stapleton

Men’s B Doubles

1) Freddie Napier

    Ralph Hood

2) Jim Vanover

     Tate Adams

Men’s C Doubles

1) Chad Justice

     Jordan Justice

2) Kaleb Sergent

     Ned Pillersdorf

Men’s 50+ Doubles

1) Mots Bishnoi 

    Tony Robinson

2) Jeff Porter

John Stapleton

Women’s B Doubles

1) Ashton Jones

2) Maria Hayes

3) Ashley Cornett

Mixed A Doubles

1) John Stapleton

    Ashton Jones

2) Jeff Porter

Mixed B Doubles

1) Tony Robinson

    Sherry Vanover

2) Jim Vanover

     Ashley Cornett