ATS Appalachian Tennis Series

About Us

The ATS started in 2013 from an idea put in motion by Founder of the KHTC, Sue Huffman Stanley along with Ron Compton, Assistant Director of the KHTC as well as Jim Vanover, President and Tournament Director of the KHTC. We had a trial run with 9 tournaments. It went well.

In March of 2014 we met and elected officers thus, founded the ATS  “Appalachian Tennis Series”.

2016 Officers and staff:


President: Jim G. Vanover

Vice President / Ads & Fund Raising: Sue Huffman Stanley

Secretary: Mary Turner

Treasurer: Cathy Justice

Membership Chair:  Donnie Brown

Web Page Consultant:  Rodney Maynard

Official Point Tabulators:  Jeff Porter & Addison Whitt

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