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Player points are tallied and posted after each tournament on this site for all participant  players to view their standings throughout the season…then,…

The season ends with an ATS Banquet where winners of each division will receive a 1st and 2nd place awards. We encourage you to be a part of our new tennis circuit, the ATS.

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2017 Season Information

Tournament Membership Fee
each tournament will pay a $100 fee to be a part of the ATS for 2017.
Most all of the ATS Tournaments offer entry discounts into their tournaments up to $5.00 if you are an ATS member.

ATS Membership Fee
for the 2017 season is $25.00 which entitles the member to accumulate points in up to three (3) divisions: i.e. singles, doubles, and/or mixed doubles and any person joining will be issued an ID number and membership card.

ATS Rankings Classification
Select the NTRP (National Tennis Rating Program) level that you will be competing in this season.

(A) division ( 4.0 & above )

(B) division  ( 3.0 & 3.5 )

(C) division  (2.5  & below )

The ATS Point System

The winner of an event earns 10 points.  The runner-up of an event earns 7 points.  The two semi-finalists who did not advance to the finals earn 5 points each.  The four quarterfinalists who did not advance to the semi-finals earn 3 points each. All other entrants in an event earn one (1) point. At the beginning of your membership, you will select up to three different event divisions in which you wish to earn points….Singles, Doubles or Mixed Doubles.

Northern/Southern divisions: there are four tournaments in each geographic division. The idea is to encourage members to travel away from their geographic areas and play tournaments that are farther away.  So, for any tournament you play which is outside of your Division, you will receive two (2) extra points added to any other points you earn in that tournament.  This will be denoted on member application when signing up for the season.

NOTE: Each individual ATS tournament
sets its own rules regarding entries.  Whether you may enter more than one singles event or more than one doubles event is up to each tournament director in his or her discretion; however, this does not alter the ATS rules that, insofar as accumulating points, you may only accumulate points in one (1) singles division, one (1) doubles division and one (1) mixed doubles division selected by you at the time of your membership application to the ATS.

Any points you accumulate
during the season will be credited to the level you select on the ATS application. However, if you have to “play up” at a tournament because your selected level did not have sufficient entries, any points earned may be credited to your selected level.  So, if you register as a B player but play an A division because of a lack of B entries, any points earned in the A event will be credited to your B level totals.

To be eligible
 to earn a trophy in any division at the end of the season, you must have played in a MINIMUM of fifty percent (50%) of the tournaments played during the season. (If an odd number of tournaments are played;    i.e., 7 for example, half would be 3.5 and the minimum would be rounded up; so, the number of tournaments you would need to play would be 4)     

you must be an ATS member at the time a tournament is played in order for points scored in that tournament to count toward the season-long total. You may join anytime during the season, but only after you join will any ATS points earned be counted.

ATS Rules Guidelines

The Annual 2017
Awards Program and Luncheon Banquet

The ATS Awards Luncheon took place at the Ramada Hotel & Conference  Center in Paintsville Saturday, October 21, 2017
 at 12:30 p.m.

Lunch was served in the atrium area after 12:30 p.m.. While later the Awards Presentations  were presented in the East Room

The following ATS members received an award plaque (or plaques) for their wins and accomplishments

Ana Stone

Ashley Cornett

Ashton Jones

Bryce Kidd

Elizabeth Davis

Freddie Hunt

Jacob Blackburn

Jacob Sergent

Jeffrey Porter

Jim Vanover

John Hereford

John Stapleton

Kaleb Sergent

Kaye Willis

MaKenzie Baker

Makenzie Hayes

Maria Hayes

Mason Tomaselli

Motts Bishnoi

Ralph Hood

Robert “Tate” Adams

Ron Compton

Shaun Marcum

Sherry Vanover

Tony Robinson

Congratulations to all the recipients.

…Jim Vanover - President

Any questions or suggestions:
Please contact me:
Jim Vanover: ATS President
606-437-4003 - Work

606-794-4161 - Cell

ATS Membership Application Notice:

Always check for the latest version and latest date when filling out your ATS App Form. The info located at the bottom right of the form. The most current one is:

Form Rev. Ver. 3.2 May. 16, 2017

The Appalachian Tennis Series circuit began in the spring of 2014. It is a central hub organized to promote and provide information for summer tennis tournaments in the Appalachian region that begins in early May and extends though October of each year. The group is limited to persons who join the ATS as a member.

It is a challenging experience that gives people all ages a chance to play the game as well as to stay in good physical condition. To participate, you will travel from tournament to tournament and thus receive points accordingly as to how far you advance in each tournament. You will be playing against some of the best players in KY and surrounding states.

 Download the “ATS Membership Form”  and visit the Info Hub for all tournament information

Add your name to the growing list of ATS members